Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Connections

Waiting at the airport with the posters in my hands, my nerves were running wild. I was so anxious for the Brentwood girls to round the corner, I was 'buzzing' as they would say. Once I spotted my two students, Charlotte and Lauren, I freaked out and ran towards them. Although the neon signs and screams seem to have overwhelmed the England girls, our first hug was priceless! It was so wonderful to see Charlotte and Lauren in person and (most importantly) to hear their accents! Of course the first thing I asked each other was, "How funny do we sound?" The car ride home was full of questions and good vibes. Bonding over our common likes, like Taylor Swift, and our differences, like driving on the opposite sides of the road, were just the start to our friendship.

After showing them around the house and giving them time to settle into their rooms, Char and Lau came down with the sweetest gifts for Reba and I. London sweat-shirts, postcards, and tea cups were just a few of the many gifts I was given. We made them chili and noodles and talked about more differences and their home. They were tired so we all went to bed, excited for their first day on campus and their presentation. I cannot wait to continue spending time with my two newest friends! They are just so 'stinking cute'! Bring on the rest of the week, more inside jokes, bonding moments, and fun times are for sure coming our way! So happy to have this experience with these lovely girls!

-Caroline Adams '16

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