Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So far but yet so close

From the moment I learned I was selected to host, I was excited to meet new friends. Their different way of life was very interesting to me. I wanted to share what life was like at in the U.S. but also learn their ways. I connected immediately with Shannon and Harriet. We emailed, FaceTimed and chatted often. We shared out backgrounds, school, and likes and dislikes. During their stay we tried new and different things like eating at Kobe Steakhouse, BBQ, and Mexican. We went to Target, Walmart, and the Mall, all places that they didn't have and were amazed by. It was funny how they reacted to little things like how cheap chapstick was here compared to there. We went to a high school football game, homecoming, fall fest and many more these were all new and fun experiences for them. Our bonded friendship grew and we became very close.After they left I realized we weren't very different after all. I had such a great time meeting now people and making new friends. I am already planing a visit to Essex, London!

-Anna Wurtsbaugh, '16

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