Thursday, April 27, 2017

Grace N.'s Global Education Experience

Jade and Grace at airport.jpgIt was so amazing to be apart of the global education experience. I am very grateful to have gotten the chance to host Jade. It really opened my eyes to other lifestyles, languages, and cultures. We clicked instantly at the airport and from that point on were very close. I enjoyed our long rants and car rides when we would just sing for forever. I was able to take her to the mall, a cardinals game, sky zone, Ted Drews, Laumeier park, and the snow factory. My favorite memories from her visit were when she would try new american food or we would get confused with each others unfamiliar words. I took a couple of the girls to Taco Bell and they fell in love with the food. The best part of the trip was when my mom, Jade and I had a long ongoing confusion on what Jade meant when she said biscuit since we were trying to figure out what she wanted for lunch. My mom and I offered her american bread biscuits which made her very confused and after a while we come to realize that she is talking about oreo cookies. Because when they say biscuits they mean cookies. This was just one of the funny and interesting differences that we experienced throughout her stay. My parents and I got very close to Jade while she was here, though it was hard to say goodbye, we hope to take a trip to South Africa some time to visit her and her family thanks to this experience!



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