Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Madi's Experience

I'm so blessed to have been apart of the Global Education program here at Ursuline. Hosting an exchange student from the Ursuline in South Africa has been such an amazing experience. In one short week I have grown to love my exchange student, Nosi, as a sister. Over the week Nosi was able to join right in with my family. From the first day we were already laughing all together at the dinner table or teaching her new board games for family game night. Nosi and I were also able to spend lots of time together outside of school and family activities. On Saturday I was able to take Nosi shopping and I learned very quickly how much she loved to shop! It was a lot of fun showing her all new stores and helping her pick things out to bring home to her family.

I was fortunate enough to take Nosi all around St. Louis but my best memories with her were just riding in the car together or hanging out in my room before bed. She loved that I could drive and thought it was so funny that we drove on the wrong side of the road. I may have gotten lost a couple times in forest park but it was still always so much fun. I will never forget the memories we shared together and hope that one day we can make some more in South Africa!
Saying goodbye was a very hard thing to do when you have become so close with your student. I know my whole family wanted to keep Nosi longer and be able to spend more time with her. My sisters loved having her around and still ask how she is and what she's up too. I wish Nosi the best in college and am already planning my trip over to see her!

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