Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015 - Esparza

Students Performing American Music
This morning I was able to go to Fa's English class that she attends every Tuesday and Thursday. Typically, they would just read stories and answer questions, but because I was there they took advantage and decided to have  question and answer session with me. I was very nervous but everyone in the class spoke English very well! They all freaked out when I told them I was an American. One boy said, "Oh my gosh! She's from America!!!!" It was so cute seeing their reactions. It was the same as the other people here in Brazil: welcoming. They were so excited to learn about the way I lived and my family! My host family just last night asked to see pictures of my family, but that was the first thing they asked to know about. I laughed when they started asking about how high school was because they kept relating it to High School Musical! After talking about my family and school, they continued to ask me about college and my traditions. I had to explain both american and Mexican traditions. Before I knew it, an hour had gone by and it was time to go. Then, we took a taxi to Piedade. Fa had to leave because she had tennis class, but I got to stay at the school and go to the presentations the lower grades had prepared for us.
Music in the courtyard
I loved the way the children here just let loose in front of us. I, along with the other girls, found the musical aspect of Brazil to be the most interesting! (We loved the boy band that played today.) After performing some songs in the auditorium, the party moved outside to the courtyard. Boys brought their guitars and their drum box things and began to play Brazilian music for us. It got a little strange, but interesting, when the younger student decided to dance for us to the music! Sadly, they did not know any american songs, so we sat through about half  an hour of Brazilian music. (NOT COMPLAINING) I love the music here!! I'm already starting to get sad about having to leave in 7 days. :(
Sidenote: I was just told we might get Mexican food tonight!!!! I miss my mom's food so much!

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