Thursday, April 14, 2016

Haley's Experience

I absolutely loved having Hugo stay at my house and thought it was an awesome experience! We did so many fun things including going to KC, shogun, hoosier golf, and so much more I can't even explain. One of my favorite things was actually just hanging out and showing him new things. It was so fun to see Hugo experience things for the first time and try new foods. Talking to him was a lot of fun because we became very good friends and it was cool to learn about his life in France.

The most memorable experience I had with Hugo was the night we arrived to our hotel in Kansas City. It was about 11:00 pm and we were just sitting in the lobby talking when a couple came and sat near us. The man began a conversation with us and I mentioned to him how Hugo was from France. Instantly this man began speaking fluent French to Hugo! It was so awesome and so unexpected. Hugo's face lit up and he was so excited to be able to speak French with someone new after days of English. It turns out this man is from Romania and speaks 5 different languages fluently. He said he thought it was awesome we could enjoy each other's company so much even though we couldn't always understand each other. I can't help but agree!

-Haley Baker, '18

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