Friday, April 15, 2016

Madison's Experience

My sister, Paige, and I both hosted Chantal Millemann.

My personal experience with her was definitely something I will never forget! I enjoyed getting to know her, and learning about her daily life back in France. One thing that I learned from my experience with Chantal was, when we would go to the mall or out with some of my friends, she would dress up. Whereas I would just dress casually and never would have thought to dress up just to go to the mall or hang out with friends.

One of my favorite experiences that I’ll treasure was when Chantal cooked dinner for my family and I one night. I really enjoyed learning about the food that she ate, and learned about the different foods from the different cultures she lived in. I could really tell that cooking was something that she truly enjoyed and shined at. Chantal has been so many places, and I hope that I someday that I will be able to go visit her!

We also went to the boathouse, and went back to the zoo. She loved exploring the outdoors and enjoyed the nice weather that we had for most of her time while she was staying with us.

It definitely took a bit longer for Chantal to open up, but once she did I really got to see the awesome and unique girl she truly is. I will always be thankful for this very special experience!

Madison Kreher, '16

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