Friday, April 15, 2016

Katie's Experience

I had such an incredible experience meeting and bonding with my French student Mia. She has influenced me in an uncountable number of ways, and taught me so much about her culture and her daily life. We shared our childhood stories and discovered a deeper connection with each other, and from this day on I will forever call her ma soeur (my sister). Mia was such a joy to be around and
brought a positive attitude and influence on me and on my family. We did everything from scarfing down food from America's best fast food joints, to shopping almost all day, and just staying up late talking and watching the best American films. I will never forget my life changing experience with my french student. I hope to go to France my senior year, and reunite with her and her family. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and this wonderful experience. My favorite part was when I would try and speak French and every single time Mia would correct me, but, every time Mia would speak English I would correct her and we both ended up learning so much! Lastly, it was such a blessing to have met the coolest 12 French students from France ever! They were all so filled with kindness and joy, and I feel now after knowing them, I am truly a happier better person!

-Katie Antonacci, '18

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