Friday, April 15, 2016

Madison's Experience

I could not be more grateful for being able to host a french student and I could not have gotten a better person to share it with. I was paired with Chloe Vierzon, and we were a perfect match. It is safe to say that we will be lifelong friends, no matter the distance between us. I learned a lot from Chloe, from the differences between our schools, our families, or our cultures. Chloe became part of my family within these two weeks and we got closer than I could've ever imagined. We shared many different experiences in two weeks that I thought would never happened. From going to the hospital one night, to going to Skyzone the next. Along with hanging out with all the French students and the hostesses on the weekends. We all shared a bond during these two weeks and I will never forget the memories we all shared together. Chloe was the sister I never had and I am blessed to have been able to host her.


Madison Stout, '16

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